Spondylolysis - Spondylolistesis Archived

Spondylolisthesis can have various origins. Overuse: Typical intensive Santa's activities that put extreme pressure on the spine (carrying heavy Christmas presents, toys, electrical appliances, etc).Generally, the causes are divided into the following types:Type I congenital, abnormal development of the facet joints that facilitate forward translation of the vertebrae in adolescenceType II isthmic spondylolisthesis caused by a stress fracture of the pars interarticularisType III degeneration of the facet joints due to arthropathy in older people (Santa!)Type IV traumatic injury to the facet joints or pars interarticularisType V Instability of the facet joints of iatrogenic origin (facetectomy surgery).Spondylolysis is essentially a stress fracture caused by repeated strains to the lower back.