Hip acetabular/labral tear


The aetiology of a hip labral tear is mostly unknown. The diagnosis is occasionally achieved without evident symptoms. The main causes include trauma and sport injuries. In sports the involvement of internal rotation of the hip with sudden changes of direction and twisting seem to be the origin of a labral tear of the hip. This pathology is also the consequence structural or congenital changes of the hip that weaken the joint stability. Known causes are:

Trauma (falls, motor vehicle accidents)

Sport injuries (golf, ice hockey, soccer, football, running, sprinting, ballet)

Capsular laxity (loose ligaments)

Cam lesion (bony protrusion) on the femoral head causing impingement

Pincer impingement: presence of extra bone (spur) at the rim of the acetabulum

Combination of CAM and Pincer

Hip dysplasia

Hip osteoarthritis in the elderly