Femur shaft fracture

In the young population a femoral shaft fracture arises from high-energy traumas such as road traffic accidents and falls from a significant height. In the older population low energy falls are the main cause of a femoral shaft fracture. A fall can be the result of medical conditions including limited vision, impaired balance, sudden drop in blood pressure and heart arrhythmia causing people to faint. A pathologic fracture is the consequence of osteoporosis or metabolic changes. This type of fractures does not require a traumatic impact or a fall to occur. The most frequent causes are:High speed road traffic accidents (car/motorcycle drivers, passengers, pedestrians)Falls from significant height (young people)Sports (high-speed, contact sports with direct trauma, skiing, football, hockey)Falls on hard surface (elderly)Pathologic fractures (osteoporosis, primary tumours, metastases, metabolic bone conditions)Stress fractures (intense sport training, abnormalities in bone integrity, metabolic dysfunctions)Gun shot